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GCMFind is a world class, number one local community search engine.

GCMFind is a powerful local community search engine that helps you find the products/services/persons/etc. available to the public in a given community. This portal makes you available to market your services which increases your business. Professionals spend thousands of dollars to promote themselves with low returns. To remove all obstacles and help your success GCMFind created a powerful search engine to market your services to those in your community waiting for your services.

Anyone can post an advisement. Franchisers, dealers, IT companies, insurance, bank, mortgage, realtor, doctor, contractor, attorney, dentist, self-employed, and companies can post an advertisement. This is a local community search engine portal and everyone can participate.

Yes. There is a monthly fee associated to promote/market yourself or your services/your products on GCMFind. This is the only portal charging such a low fee for a basic subscription. This fee varies from country to country. You can see your country price tag on the home page. To learn more about pricing, email and one of our sales executive will contact you.

Currently there are three subscription levels available: standard, premium, and platinum.

In the standard subscription you can write and edit content 24/7. In the premium subscription, not only you can write content, you can also add an audio clip about yourself, your service, your specialty, etc. in your desired languages (i.e. in the same audio presentation you can use as many languages as you want). The platinum level is a great tool because in addition to written and audio, you can give a video presentation. This tool is a great opportunity to show where are you, what you do, your specialty, etc. In the same presentation you can use as many languages as you like. Clients can see you which may be highly desirable to the target community. Besides this, you can also offer discounts on your services.

Yes, your information is absolutely secure. We do not share any of your information with third parties. To learn more about privacy, please read our privacy policy and if you have further questions please email

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription level; however,GCMFind will charge the difference.

Yes, you can downgrade, but only after the current subscription expires.

Yes, you have absolute control over the advertisement. You can login and edit 24/7.

Yes, you must to fill in all the mandatory fields even if they are not displayed to the public. It is up to you to choose which portions you want to make public or private.

Yes, you have control of what information is displayed. That is at your discretion and you can change what is displayed as your needs dictate.

Yes, you can edit, review, or upload a new audio or video clip 24/7.

In the written advertisements your description should be attractive and clear so that customers understand your message, though sometimes misunderstandings occur. In an audio presentation you can convey your message in a conversational, easy to understand manner in as many languages as you choose. This can help you reach the targeted area of the community where you want to increase your client base.

This is the greatest tool available in the given market. The importance of video follows the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures. There is no doubt that a well-made video can demonstrate more benefits of your profession in just two minutes than dozens of text pages, even if the text pages have good screenshots and illustrations. Also you have an exceptional opportunity to appeal to people’s emotions not only visually but audibly, with a voice, sound effects, and music.

Please see the user resource page or watch the demo page.

Please see the user resource page or watch the demo page.

Please see the user resource page or watch the demo page.

Please see the user resource page or watch the demo page.

The maximum allowed size for an audio file is 5 MB.

The maximum allowed size for a video file is 20 MB.

You can use as many people as you wish but the maximum allowable video time is 10 minutes and all of the content should be in one box.

Yes, you can use your own language. We strongly recommend that you use as many languages in your presentation as you use in your business or services.

There is a minimum 6 month subscription required to post an advertisement. However, if you want to subscribe for more than 6 months you can choose up to a maximum of 3 years.

Yes, you can. However, each different company/business advertisement will require a subscription.

This is very simple. Create a general account and post one separate advertisement for each employee. All the accounts are in your control.

Yes, you can post your company web address and yes the customer can call you directly.

Please read our advertisement policy.

1. Credit card/Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard) 2.ACH payment 3. PayPal.

1. Credit card/Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard) 2.ACH payment 3. PayPal.

GCMFind allows general users to give feedback on your services. If you feel the review is not correct please contact the party who posted or notify us and we will notify the third party who posted. GCMFind does not represent anyone; hence GCMFind is free from all liabilities.

Yes, you can use your own language both in audio and video presentations. You can use as many as languages you want.

Yes, it has to be approved by GCMFind. We review all content and material posted by you. If we feel any of the text or content endangers public life, health, or safety we will remove the advertisement immediately and will notify the advertiser.

We will notify the advertiser with all reasons why it was not approved and once the advertiser corrects the advertisement it will be available for the public.

That is at the discretion of the advertiser (i.e. you). If you want to participate or promote you can offer coupons. The coupon column shows clearly the discounts/coupons currently offered. You can also review your coupon before submitting and you have absolute control over the coupons (i.e. you can edit any time).

The coupons generated by GCMFind contain bar codes you can scan and keep for your records. The coupon information is based on the input given by the advertiser.

Yes, the customers can call you directly. There is no middle man, no commission, no referral fee, etc. This is a direct communication between the client and you.

Clients can use whatever methods of contact you provide in your advertisement (email, website, phone number, etc.).

No, in most cases GCMFind does not route client calls. We do not receive any calls from clients. The clients will contact you directly. Check the list of countries where we offer a call routing service to see if your country is included.