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GCMFind is the world’s number one local community search engine which “Makes Life Easier®” for our community members. There are hundreds of search engines available in the market but no one satisfies community needs like GCMFind. GCMFind is the only portal available in the market so in tune with community problems. We feel the community is the root of the living system and our goal is to make our community members’ lives easier.

What is community?

A group of people having common rights, privileges, or interests or ethnic, cultural, or religious characteristics in common.

Created a Platform

GCMFind brings all the available resource such as education, health, sports, services, needs, etc. in the community into one common platform and gives community members an opportunity to see each other, to exchange services, to interact with each other for their personal benefit, and also for community development.

How do I use the platform to grow my business?

This is a one-stop shop platform and the ideal place to promote yourself or your services or your businesses to reach your target population in the community.

What helps you?

By searching you can find all the products and services available in your area from A to Z. This helps save your time, money, fuel, health, etc. You can search in your area, or if you want to help a friend in another location, you can help them search or refer them to services in their own community. This service is all over the world and wherever you go, GCMFind walks with you to make your life easier

How do we save your time?

Just choose search criteria by keyword or even by zip code and you will get results in seconds. You can see a company’s comments, services, license, feedback etc. The portal doesn’t offer services; there is no middle man. You contact the providers in your search results directly for services or products.

Free User

Free users are the general users who are interested in receiving services/products from advertisers. This is one of the best portals in the world to find meet your needs and you can search free of cost.

Paid User

These are the professionals who are offering their services/products to the community. This is one of the best portals in the world to market yourself, your products, and your services to the interested community.

Who can post an advertisement on GCMFind?

Anyone can post an advisement. Franchisers, dealers, IT companies, insurance, bank, mortgage, realtor, doctor, contractor, attorney, dentist, self-employed, and companies can post an advertisement. This is a local community search engine portal and everyone can participate.

Marketing versus Success

This is a highly competitive world and every movement, every opportunity is important for success in your life and business. To reach success in all ways people look for new tools. So far you have spent a lot of time and money, but nothing has marketed you or your business in the right manner to fulfill your goals. People don’t know about your products or services. By joining GCMFind you’re exposing your business to the entire world. You can present all of your information, with the addition of audio and video slips, to target your desired community.

Keys for Success: Marketing, Marketing, Nothing but Effective Marketing

Tools for Success: There only three tools are available in the world for marketing and promotion and GCMFind proudly makes all three available.

A. Content & Picture

It’s a good idea to tell clients about yourself, what you do, where you are, your specialties, and how to reach you, etc. This gives potential customers waiting for your services an opportunity to read about you, your qualities, successes, and testimonials. There is an adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” . You can utilize this tool by posting your pictures, logos, trademarks, etc. This easy, silent message is always running in the market and increases your chance of success.

B. Audio

The world is growing and barricades are breaking down. Even so, many people desire to do businesses within their community to fulfill their needs with those who share something in common with them. An audio message in your words, in your language, is worth a million pictures. GCMFind offers this tool to promote you or your business in a targeted community. This gives you a great opportunity to tell potential customers about yourself and your business, what you do, and where you’re located. You can also present information in multiple languages to reach a target demographic.

C. Video/Movie

This is an amazing tool which connects people and fosters relationships among the community. This tool not only promotes your business, it is the base of a relationship with consumers. In the expert’s view this tool is worth of billions and billions of words and pictures. GCMFind offers this tool to promote you or your business within your targeted area. With this amazing tool you can talk, show your location and business premises, and you can also give your marketing presentation in multiple languages. This useful tool can boost your success within your target community.

Freedom versus Restrictions

Most of advertising companies publish material, but if you want to make edits to your marketing or promotional materials, you have to wait a few days to week in order to do so and it costs a lot of money.

On GCMFind you have 24/7 access so that you can add or delete you content/audio files/video files without relying on anyone else. This is a user-friendly community portal giving you direct access to make all necessary changes 24/7. You make changes as many times as you wish at no extra cost.

Additional Marketing / Promotional Tools

GCMFind allows advertisers to add promotional coupons which are the one of the best ways to attract customers and increase your business. GCMFind offers this service free of cost. Our effort is for your success. All coupons generated by GCMFind contain bar codes which you can scan and keep for your records. The generation of coupons is based on the input given by the advertiser.

Our effort is for your success. And we are committed to your success.

Cost to Promote Business

The unique feature offered by GCMFind is the ability to promote yourself, your services, or your products at a low minimal price. There is no hassle of a big monthly advertisement expense, no middle man, no referral fee, and you can have direct contact with clients for just a minimal fee. See our rate sheet to learn more about pricing and billing, or send an email and a sales executive will contact you. GCMFind is a committed portal working for the benefit and development of the community. GCMFind is proud to say we are the number one local community portal in the world working to make your life easier. You can post your comments, experiences, and successes stories on the site free of cost. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please email us at